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5 Amazing Things to Do in Latchi, Cyprus

5 Amazing Things to Do in Latchi, Cyprus

by Alexandra J. | 2019-07-18 | Cyprus

Have you already booked your next holiday? Still in doubt? Don’t worry.

We are here to help you out.

After a long, hard-working year, you probably want to rest your mind and body aside from the everyday crowds. If this is exactly what you are looking for, then Latchi, Cyprus is the place to be.

Here are some amazing things to do in Latchi that you don’t want to miss:

1. Try Some Traditional Cypriot Food and Drink

Greek specialty stifado

Food, who doesn’t like it? And what’s the best way to fully feel the spirit of the country you are visiting? Of course, trying some traditional food of the locals is always a good thing to mention when talking about the things to do in Latchi. The cosy restaurants along the beautiful harbour will immediately impress you by the hospitality of the locals and the delicious Cypriot specialities and drinks.

Isn’t it amazing to marvel at the peaceful waters while at the same time enjoy the taste of the traditional Cypriot dishes, salads, fish specialities and drinks? Some of the traditional dishes you can try are stifado (beef meat with a tomato sauce and onions), moussaka (potatoes and beef minced meat), stuffed vine leaves and of course, the well-known souvlaki.

When it comes to traditional Cypriot alcohol, try Zivania (a beverage made out of grapes), Commandaria (an amber coloured sweet wine made out of grapes and brandy) and the Cypriot beer, KEO.

2. Do Some Watersports and Activities

kayaking in Latchi

Wouldn’t it be great if you could spice up your holiday with a little bit of excitement? Apart from the peacefulness it offers, Latchi village is also known for its watersport centres. They offer many different sports and activities for tourists. Down by the Latchi harbour, you will spot a few that can help you pick the right sport for you.

Latchi is a great place for windsurfing throughout the whole year, thanks to the pleasant weather conditions. Whether you are by yourself, with friends or family... a young or an adult… you will easily get into it. It’s very safe and easy because the waves are moderate and the wind is gentle.

Kayaking is another option. You will get to enjoy the beauties of the Akamas peninsula and at the same time visit some of the attractions such as the Baths of Aphrodite or the sea caves. Let’s not forget diving. On an island constantly surrounded by crystal clear waters, diving is one of the most exciting things to do in Latchi. Discovering the beautiful flora and fauna of the Mediterranean sea will add a little bit more fun to your holiday.

3. Visit the Baths of Aphrodite

Aphrodite`s baths

Located on the Akamas Peninsula, near the small Latchi village, it would be a pity not to visit the Baths of Aphrodite. They are connected to a mythology which says if you bathe in the pools, you will be restored of fertility. However, swimming is not allowed nowadays, but you can definitely wash your hands or face.

This mythological and romantic site is reachable by car or simply walking by the natural trails. Another more impressive sight, besides the pools are the trails of Aphrodite which lead to the top where you can see the stunning azure bay and the beauty of the Akamas national park. It is a great place for a picnic as well. Sometimes you can spot eagles soaring near the cliffs. It’s one of those things to do in Latchi that is absolutely worth a visit.

4. Go on a Jeep Safari

Are you an adventurer by nature? If yes, the jeep safari experience is just the cherry on top for your holiday in Latchi, Cyprus. Why don’t you take on an adventure that will get you to explore the less known part of the island? The roads are mainly dirty and not accessible by car and they are only known by the locals.

Prepare yourself for a real Cypriot massage as the roads are really bumpy. This experience offers you the wild beauty of the less discovered, but yet most impressive side of the island and the off-road takes you to the very heart of this marvellous countryside. You will easily forget the bumpy roads. The jeeps are open so you will enjoy the beautiful nature of rough mountains, plateaus and scenery. Cosiness, adventure and unforgettable holiday.

5. Go on a Boat Trip to the Blue Lagoon

the blue lagoon Cyprus

Holidaymakers will not fully enjoy the beauties of the Mediterranean if they don’t go on a boat trip along the harbour and visit all the attractions this island has to offer. Once you go down the beautiful Latchi Harbour, you will notice several boat companies and a place where you can ask for a price listing and find out some more about the Latchi boat trips.

The prices are affordable and they are nothing compared to the authentic Blue Lagoon experience you’ll get. Once the boat departs, all your hesitation will disappear. The wind gently touches your face… your hair gets messy… your heart is full…and your mind is at peace. You will have the time to spend a few hours at the Blue Lagoon. You can either use the time to swim and snorkel in the crystal, clear waters or simply enjoy the traditional Cypriot wine and delicious barbeque before heading back to Latchi.

Did You Find These Things to Do in Latchi Interesting? 

It can be hard to resist all the things to do in Latchi, its stunning beaches, nature trails, traditional food and drinks, crystal clear waters, and mythological sites. There is no doubt that Latchi, Cyprus is the ideal choice for your holiday, no matter what you do there.

Don’t wait any longer, check our selection of homes and get away to Latchi for a well-deserved holiday.