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6 Wonderful Things to Visit on The Akamas Peninsula

6 Wonderful Things to Visit on The Akamas Peninsula

by Alexandra J. | 2019-07-18 | Cyprus

If you are an adventurer, nature lover, hiker and you want to have an unusual holiday, you have to visit The Akamas Peninsula in Cyprus. It is rich in valleys, beautiful landscapes, sea viewpoints, a variety of plants and trees, rocks and beaches.

There are also narrow dirt pathways, so if you decide to explore this fantastic area, the best thing is to go on a safari trip and enjoy the amazing views.

While in the Akamas Peninsula, visiting the following six gems of nature is a must:

1. Akamas Peninsula National Park

It lies on the western part of the island of Cyprus, covering around 230 square kilometers of gorges, valleys and sandy shorelines. This unspoiled area with breathtaking natural landscapes is unique both geographically and geologically regarding fauna and flora. It is part of the Mediterranean Protection Programme and its wildlife diversity is vital for the ecology in the Mediterranean.

2. The Blue Lagoon

the Blue Lagoon on the Akamas

The most famous picturesque bay of Akamas is the Blue Lagoon. Thousands of people visit this fantastic place by boat. The landscape around the bay is admiring. You can swim there or you can take your snorkeling equipment to explore the different fish species in the clear waters.

3. Lara Beach

Lara beach on the Akamas

Lara beach is a vast, unspoiled beach and one of the best beaches stretching on the Akamas peninsula. It is perfect for relaxing on the golden sand and swimming in the deep blue waters while enjoying the view. You only have to careful of the big stones while you enter the sea, so wearing swimming shoes is recommended. It is also a safe site and a breeding ground for the protected sea turtles Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta) and the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) that come every year to lay their eggs. If you go there, you will notice human-made cages that protect the eggs. It is a remote and virtually deserted beach, so you can reach it by driving a 4x4 vehicle on a dirt driveway if you drive to Pegeia and after that, to Agios Georgios. There aren't any sunbeds nor umbrellas, but there is a small bar where you can have a snack or a drink.

4. Akamas Nature Trails

walking on the Akamas

Aphrodite, Adonis, and Smigies are the three official nature trails in the Akamas Peninsula. While walking around these picturesque paths, you will observe impressive gorges, broad valleys, different rock formations, cliffs, amazingly rounded boulders, sandy coastlines and much more. Nature lovers will especially enjoy walking around the Akamas because of its famous preserved flora and fauna.

5. Avakas Gorge

Avakas gorge

The beautiful Avakas Gorge is located on the western part of the Akamas Peninsula, 18 kilometers away from Paphos. There is more than two kilometers long and rocky trail that leads through Avakas Gorge. There are rocks on both sides of the path and can be high up to 260 feet maximum. While you walk inside the gorge, you can observe the rare plants, flowers, cliffs and wild animals such as reptiles or mountain goats which are not afraid to come on a safe distance.

6. Baths of Aphrodite

beautiful baths of Aphrodite

The baths of Aphrodite are located around 45 km from Paphos. There is a caved small shallow pool surrounded by a fig tree that gives the pool a deep shade. A little spring surrounded by greenery supplies the pool with water. According to a myth, the Baths of Aphrodite was the place where the goddess had a bath and met her big love, Adonis. So, there is a belief that if you wash your face with the water, you will be forever young.

Rent a Vehicle and Explore the Akamas Peninsula

For all the nature lovers, Akamas peninsula is a fantastic place to be. It will impress you with the natural ambient, tranquil atmosphere, and incredible viewpoints that will make you wanna come back.

There are several car rental companies in the area of Latchi, so if you are situated there, you can easily rent cars, buggies, or quads and visit this amazing peninsula.