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5 Must-Do Latchi Watersports for Adventurers

5 Must-Do Latchi Watersports for Adventurers

by Alexandra J. | 2019-07-18 | Cyprus

Have you planned your next holiday already? Are you looking for a peaceful place where you can rest your mind and body but at the same time go on crazy adventures?

If yes, Latchi, Cyprus is the place to be. With its unspoiled nature, exotic charm and idyllic sandy beaches, it attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are many things holidaymakers can do here and trying some watersports is a must!

Here are the top 5 Latchi watersports adventurers must do for unforgettable moments:     

1. Windsurfing

amazing Latchi watersports

Latchi offers great conditions for surfing throughout the whole year thanks to its nice climate. Here you can do this sport alone, with friends and even with your kids. The waves are moderate and the weather is mild, so it is safe and easy to go for such an adventure even if you haven’t tried before.     

2. Parasailing


Parasailing is also one of those Latchi watersports that you must try. People of all ages can do it. You will be strapped into a harness; then a team of professional paragliders will help you rise slowly by a mechanical winch in the air with a height of up to 200 m.

Once you want to land you will be winched into a boat, which is large enough to fit your whole family, so you won’t get wet. For this sport, appropriate wind conditions are needed. Moreover, with the parasailing service, you get full equipment including safety jackets and instructions by professionals.   

3. Kayaking


Going kayaking in Latchi gives you the opportunity to enjoy Akamas beauties and Mediterranean sea. While doing this interesting sport, you will also be able to stop at different attractions such as Aphrodite’s Baths or the seal’s cave. You can also go for a swim at different beaches as well as stop at some of the sea restaurants and try a traditional meal. Mornings are ideal for kayaking in the area of Latchi, when the beach is not that crowded.  

4. Diving  


Going diving below the surface of the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea is an experience of a lifetime. Imagine being 25 feet underwater and exploring wonderful flora and fauna...sounds tempting, right? There are many watersport companies in Latchi, so choose one, get your diving certificate and jump in the water with the help of professional divers for wonderful moments.  

5. Jet Skiing

jet ski

If you want speed and adrenaline, then, out of all Latchi watersports jet skiing is the right choice for you. It lets you explore the coastline from another perspective and go for a fast ride and feel adrenaline rush. Or, if you are less experienced jet ski rider, you can go for a gentle ride and enjoy the clear blue waters. You have to be at least 18 years old to drive a jet ski. However, if you are less, you can take an experienced driver with you.

Visit Cyprus And Have Fun Doing Latchi Watersports

If you want to escape from your everyday duties and busy life, then don’t hesitate to visit Latchi. It is a great place to spend your holiday and rest in tranquillity.

You can also go for many adventures and have lots of fun doing Latchi watersports. There are many companies in Latchi that offer amazing watersports activities and equipment, as well as professional instructions.

If you go to Latchi harbour they will offer you tickets for different sports activities and boat trips.

Have you already made your choice to go to Latchi? Take a look at our Latchi villas and book now for an unforgettable holiday!